Saturday, 26 November 2016

2016 programme July - Dec

July 1 Savio estate/ Himalayan Balsam removal John H & Vic T
8 Himalayan Balsam removal Vic T & Tony
15 Himalayan Balsam removal Vic T & Tony
22 Footpath maintenance John G & Malcolm
29 Savio estate - waterfall maintenance,pond clearance & BBQ John S & Lester
Aug 5 Oakenbank Lane - drainage,troughs etc                                                 Dave T & John H
12 Footpath maintenance Malcolm & Vic
19 Footpath maintenance Bob & Dave J 
26 Footpath maintenance (near Robin Hood Rainow) John S & Dave J
Sep 2 Savio Estate John S & Vic
9 Savio Estate John S & Lester
16 Disley Church - Hedge maintenance John S & Frank
23 Savio Estate                                                                                John S & Frank
30 Savio Estate Vic & Frank 
Oct 7 Savio Estate Frank & John S
14 Footpath Maintenance, Rainow John H + 1
21 Homestead Farm, Bakestonedale - woodland and hedge work John S + 1
28 Homestead Farm, Bakestonedale - woodland and hedge work John S & Frank
Nov 4 Homestead Farm/Pott Shrigley  CC wall                                                                          John S & Tom
11 Savio Estate - woodland management John S
18 Savio Estate - woodland management John S
25 Windyway - woodland management / hedgelayingTom & John G
Dec 2 Windyway - woodland management / hedgelaying Tom & John G
9 Savio Estate - woodland management Tom & Sue
16 Savio Estate - woodland management Tom & Sue 
23 Savio Estate & Christmas lunch at The Poachers John S & Lester
30 Christmas holiday - no task

About the KRIV volunteers

About the KRIV volunteers

Volunteers meet at 9.40 each Friday at the east barn, Savio House, wearing clothing and boots suitable for outdoor work and bringing a packed lunch.  Cars may be left during the day in the east car park at Savio House.  Tools are provided and where tasks require personal protective equipment such as hi-viz vests, safety helmets, hedging gauntlets or safety glasses, this will be provided too.  If not working locally, we car-share to the work site.  
The work programme is published six months ahead and any changes made within the programme period are added here as soon as possible.

The KRIV countryside volunteer group was formed during the Kerridge Ridge and Ingersley Vale Landscape Partnership Project, the first such project supported by the UK Heritage Lottery Fund.  For details see the legacy website

The volunteer group works in the KRIV area to consolidate and maintain the achievements of the HLF-supported  project but their work range extends to elsewhere in Bollington and Rainow.  Hedges have also been laid in Disley, Pott Shrigley and Higher Hurdsfield.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Pott Shrigley CC wall repairs

Wall Repair Ahead of Bonfire Night

Morning light before starting work

Work progress photos

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Savio Estate Woods and Hedges

Winter woodland management and hedgelaying work coming to life in the Spring.

Fence and gate also by the kriv countryside volunteers.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Hedgelaying - Ingersley Vale

The first hedge that the volunteers have revisited (after 10 years) to lay for a second time

Saturday, 14 November 2015